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Asbestos Medicals (Unlicensed)

Asbestos Medicals (Unlicensed)

Medical surveillance should consist of initial and periodic medical examinations.For employees who start non-licensed work with asbestos on or after 1 May 2015 a medical examination must be carried out before such work starts, unless a suitable examination has been carried out in the previous 3 years. Periodic medical examinations must then be conducted at intervals of not more than three years while exposure continues.

The purposes of medical surveillance are to:

  • Provide workers with objective information about their current state of health;
  • Alert workers to any early indications of asbestos-related disease;
  • To warn employees of the increased risk of lung cancer from the combined exposure of smoking and asbestos;
  • alert employers or the patient’s own GP, with signed consent, to any particular problems; and
  • Emphasise the need for employees to use available control measures and follow good working practices.

Medical surveillance will consist of:

  • Completion of the respiratory symptom questionnaire form
  • A clinical examination, with emphasis on the respiratory system
  • Measurement of lung function, including FEV1 and FVC

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