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Unfortunately due to the current circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic we have taking the decision to suspend our Microsuction clinics until further notice. We regret to inform you but taking our patient and staffs wellbeing into consideration we feel this is the correct decision to make in the current circumstances. We will update you further in regards to when our clinics will be back up and running. We thank you for your continued support during this pandemic.

Microsuction is a new technique in ear wax removal whereby our fully trained nurse uses a binocular microscope to see inside the ear canal and then a very small sterile suction  device is used to remove the troublesome wax.

Microsuction is considered to be a safer, quicker and more comfortable alternative to ‘ear syringing’ and a majority of people find that the results are instant.

Symptoms such as hearing loss, the feeling of a blockage, tinnitus, dizziness and ear infections can be a result of blocked wax. Microsuction can provide relief or ease the discomfort.

Benefits of Microsuction

    • A good view of the ear canal
      Our trained nurse gets an unobstructed view of the entire ear canal enabling safe and effective removal of the blockage.
    • No ear drops or oil required
      After consultation Microsuction can be performed immediately without the need to use ear drops or oil for weeks before hand.
    • No messy water used
      Microsuction sucks the wax away and liquid is generally not used. It is considered to be safer and more practical way of clearing the ears of wax whilst significantly reducing the risk of infection.
  • Safe for ear perforations and infections
    Unlike ‘ear syringing’ it is safe for people who have perforated ear drums, ear infections and for foreign object removal.

Price List

Microsuction (1 ear) £50
Microsuction (Both ears) £75

*Price includes a full ear assessment. A non-refundable £25 deposit is required at the time of booked, the £25 is taken off of the final cost at the end of the appointment.

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