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Occupational Health Provider

Drayton Medical Services has been an occupational health provider to a wide range of clients since 1992.

We have a team of highly reputed Occupational Health Physicians in our health suite, with experience in almost every sector of industry including transport, marine, hospitality, emergency services, education and the civil service. We also have an Occupational Health Advisor available, as well as full administrative support.

We now have a new clinical system. This system has a client portal and will ensure higher security. Our new system also reaches the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
The Client Portal
The portal provides you with the capability to track employee occupational health issues from referral to the report. You will be automatically informed of appointments and when the report is available for view.

Our Team

Dr Richard Gill
MCA Registered Doctor
Occupational Health Physician

Dr Deborah Kerr
Occupational Health Physician

Dr Mark Swindells
Occupational Health Physician

Dr Andrew Drake
MCA Registered Doctor

Kirsten Shedden
Occupational Health Advisor

Ellie Taylor
Office Manager

Joanna Payne
Administrative Assistant

Lauren Wright
Administrative Assistant

Sandra Jordan
Practice Manager

Debby Williams

Caroline Young

Victoria Marshall
Registered Nurse

Lucy Yeomans
Microsuction Nurse

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